Support Stockings During Maternity

Support stockings have helped many women during maternity to prevent varicose veins and heavy feet. But it’s not just pregnant women who benefit from support stockings, they are for anyone who sits still all day, as many people do in their office jobs. To not move for many hours is hampering blood circulation and increases the risk of varicose veins getting bigger.

The risk of blood clots increases if you sit still for long, especially in tight spaces where you can’t move much. For example it’s common to get thrombosis in air travels on long flights. Research has shown that thrombosis in long-haul travelers can be prevented effectively if they use support stockings stockings.

Support Socks Reduces Cellulite

Nowadays, there are support stockings in stylish patterns and colors. The brown lady socks that one might associate with stockings are a thing of the past. There are also massaging compression stockings that are effective against cellulite. The threads are woven in a special way, which causes blood vessels to be stimulated.

So support stockings during maternity, can really help you during the maternity months. They prevent you from getting heavy and tired legs, not to speak of varicose veins, which can be very painful. Blood clots are common if you sit still for long, for example during air travel. Clinical studies show, that support stockings really decreases the risk of those conditions.

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