Why Should I Get Support Stockings?

The benefits of support stockings is extensive and it helps with many different types of problems. Support stockings are stimulating for blood circulation and can prevent venous trombones, heavy legs and feet. Varicose veins increases if you have poor blood circulation in the legs, so whether you are standing or sitting much in the job, support stockings are very nice to have. Cellulite can be reduced with compression stockings, especially if you choose one of the micro-massage stockings available nowadays.

If you are pregnant, these stockings helps a lot, if you get heavy legs during the day. They also prevent varicose veins that often occur during pregnancy, so it is a very good idea to use compression stockings early in a pregnancy, even before you get symptoms.

Are you going to travel far, especially by plane, the risk of thrombosis is higher. If you sit for a long time in a car or plane, support stockings is a very good idea.

Diabetic patients often suffer from foot problems. However, one should remember that diabetes-related foot problems, should always be investigated before taking own measures.

Support stockings are now available in attractive designs, colors and patterns. They are also available in different thicknesses, even as really thin socks.

Compression therapy is used in the treatment of lymphedema and venous disorders. The type and extent of treatment depends on the severity of the problem and a doctor should always be consulted. Nor is it the only treatment you can do. Your doctor will prescribe the right compression level based on the severity of the condition. The main purpose of support stockings is to provide a graduated pressure on the lower body and feet.

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